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Top 5 application for Kids!

April 15

How do I pick the top 5 games? I went through all the games and played it myself then I came out with the top 5 games. It is not in order.

1. Angry Birds



Angry Birds is develop by Rovio Entertainment. Although this game has been around for a long time, it still a great game for children to play. Angry Birds is a very simple game that uses slingshot to shoot the bad pigs. Different levels have different structure that prevents the birds from hitting the pigs. Therefore it requires thinking before slingshot the birds. This will enhance the children’s thinking skills while playing angry bird.


2. Subway Surfers


Subway Surfers is a “endless running” game developed by Kiloo. This game is about a kid who is escaping from getting caught, as the kid painted graffiti on the subway station. The objective of this game is to run! run! run! evading on coming trains and evading obstacle. Through this game children can learn to react faster. As the games goes longer the character will run even faster. Therefore children need to react fast in order to evade obstacle.


3. Cut the rope 2


Cut the rope 2 is develop by ZeptoLab and the game was release on december 2013. With the success of Cut the rope, Zepto continues the game with a new version and consists even more level and different obstacle. The main objective of this game is to feed the little green creature named Om Nom while collecting stars. This game is cute and definitely a good game for children sit down playing while thinking how to feed through different obstacle.


4.Color and draw


This application is develop by Tipitap. Color and Draw is one of the best tablet drawing application for kids. It has received many awards like “Creative Child Magazine Best App” and also featured on Google Play Editor’s picks. This application allows children to unleash their creativity through coloring with different strokes, stickers, curated palette and many more. Besides that, it also offers free drawing so that kids will not get bored after they have complete coloring the pictures given.


5. Talking Tom


Talking Tom Cat 2 is developed by Out Fit 7. With the success of the first version, this version offers additional function and Tom now has its own place! Also Talking Tom Cat 2 now includes mini games for user to play and also accessories for Tom to wear.



These are the 5 games that I personally thinks that it is good for children. Not only it can help them to pass time but also to improve them by allowing them to play games like these. On May 1st Amerikids will release the alpha version of saving panda game on Google Play. This is a good game for kids to play as it teaches how to protect the endangered Panda from harm’s way. Their mission is to follow the clues and save the Panda! The following is the teaser of the game.


Check out Amerikids website for more information about the game