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News Endangered Species Deniers Won’t Like This

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Hi everyone:

Today, I will like to introduce a special species “pink dolphin”.

The pink dolphin is the common name of two different species of dolphin theChinese White Dolphin and Amazon River Dolphin.Their skin color will change by their age. The baby dolphin skin color is black, young dolphin is grey color, the adult is white or pink.The pink color is their blood vessels for thermoregulation.The special pink dolphin population is along the Chinese coast. The pink dolphin is an endangered species in Taiwan because they only have around the 100 pink dolphins left in Taiwan west coast.

Why the pink dolphins are endangered species?

  1. The water pollution (the west cost of Taiwan have a lot of factor which make a lot of the water pollution)
  2. Rreclamation ground which change the pink dolphin living environment because they use to swim around the shallow water and the sandy beach.
  3. Because the shipping and fishing is very busy between the west coast of Taiwan and China, therefore there are some of them hit by boat.

How to save the pink dolphins?

  1. Taiwan government should make of the factor in the west to reduce their water pollution.
  2. Taiwan government should stop the people to take ground water anymore because it makes the coast line draw back and will destroy the pink dolphin’s living environment.

video Chinese White DolphinTaiwan’s critically endangered pink dolphins in 2010

The Formosan Clouded Leopard  is founded in southeastern Asia Taiwan. Theclouded leopard is not related to the leopard or any other variety of the cat. It has a unique appearance with cloud like blotches on edge and paler markings in the middle. The clouded leopard characteristics include having a long tail, not purring or roaring loudly, and having the longest and sharpest teeth of all cats. The clouded leopard prefers tropical rainforest for its setting. Currently they are around 230 of them in the wild and they are legally protected from being hunted.

Endangered Species Day

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by nyconnie in Other

There are more and more people notice that there are many of the species are disappear because the overpopulation and the living pollution environment.

I think the Endangered Species Day is a very good ideal to remind people to do something to respect the nature and other wild thing. It is not just a day, it is an active to let people know and learn how to reduce the pollution we have made. If you can’t make it to a special event, there are 10 easy things you can to the at home in your everyday life to protect other species such as:

– Reduce your use of water in your home and garden so that animals that live in or near water can have a better chance of survival.

– Disinfect bird baths often to avoid disease transmission.  Place decals on windows to deter bird collisions. Millions of birds die every year because of collisions with windows.

The small thing you have down the more species you save, and create a good living environment for you too.

The flowing website is the 10 easy things you can do, and blog.



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by nyconnie in Uncategorized

California Least Tern

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by nyconnie in Bird

California Least Tern

Nowadays, because the human population is getting bigger, so people destroy the nature, it course a lot of other species lost their space for lives.


Hay can help clean up oil spill

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by nyconnie in Other

The oil spill is seriously damage our environment which is not only pollution the ocean, also kill many of organism such as bird, fish, and coral reef, too. We have to clean the oil as soon as possible, but how can make it with less damage our environment?

I saw this video which is talking about the hay can clean the oil spill which ideal is from A Florida-based contractor. I think this is such great ideal because hay is more natural, it wouldn’t cause other chemistry pollution. Moreover, it cost less money, too.

The following video is from Blog for Carl R. SamsII and Jean Stoick.

Could Hay can help clean up oil spill

Asian Elephant

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by nyconnie in Elephant

Hi everyone:

Today, I will like to introduce the Asian Elephant which are distributed in the south Asian such as Indian, Thailand, and South part of China.

The elephant is a largest animal in Asian which is also the one of the god beast in Asian conviction, too.

In Thailand, people believe that elephant God beast can bring you wealth, so you can see the elephant is very welcome in Asian.

In Thailand, they have a show to let the tourist to play with the elephant closely. video

However, the Asian elephant is endangered now. As the human population expands, elephant loss their habitat the population only has between 41,410 and 52,345 left.

Moreover, the people hunt elephant because their trade ivory.

Therefore, they is the group WWF which is working with the TRAFFIC to reduce the illegal.  This is the video ”save Elephant”

The store I pass by between 6 and 5 Ave we can see there are many of the ivory art, but we don’t where are they come from.

It is legal or not. However, everyone all have power to stop the illegal trade and protect the animal.

We can stop buying any ivory product. When they don’t have market to sale, it will help elephant away people’s hunting.

Formosa Bear

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by nyconnie in Bear

I will like to introduce the Formosan Black Bear. Many people know about the Panda and black eye bear from China and which the China government spend a lot of budget every year to protect them. However, the other endanger species Formosan Black Bear isn’t as luck as the Panda, the Taiwan government doesn’t spend as much as money for their protection project.

The Formosan Black Bear is the unique Bear which is only found in Taiwan. It’s a very special bear than other one. The Formosan Black Bear has a special V white shape in front of their chest. The Formosan Black Bear can crawl up trees and it is the only bear that can make a nest.  This is the video the  Formosa Bear

Why the Formosan Black Bear is endangering in Asia? There are three main reasons:

1.     Their living environment is changed,

2.     Chinese people hunting bear because people use the Bear gall bladder for medication.

3.      Some people eat bear palm because they believe it can make them strong.

This is one of the video that Russia police find the Chinese smuggling Bear palm to Russia.

I think all the Chinese people need to reeducate themselves that there are alternatives in terms of medication and to stop hunting down these bears.

The video “save bear”


Japan Dolphin Hunt

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by nyconnie in Dophin

Hi everyone:

We all know most of the reasons cause the animal endangered because their living environment was changed by human expand population which make many kind of the pollution. Moreover, the one of the reason unforgettable reason is hunting other species for themselves profit.

Japan hunting the whale and the dolphin’s history already has 400 years. Every year Sep 1 is their fish hunting season which wills continuants for six month longer. They use the sound to disturbed the dolphin force them to the bay and kill the dolphin. Every year, there is around twenty thousand dolphin and thousand of the pilot whale was killed in six month. Most of them will be sale to the restrant for the sashimi. Before people hunting the dolphin and whale is because they need food. However, Japan is one of the richest country in the world they still hunt them to make themselves to be rich. Their government tries to ignore the problem. However, the World Society for the Protection of Animals, WSPA and other people make this documentary to fight for it which is very difficult to make, it has been through many of problem and pressure by the Japan local people, and the Japan government.

There is the video which is part of the documentary

Documentary puts focus on Japan dolphin hunt


How should we do?

  • We can stop eat the sashimi which is made by the whale and dolphin meat.
  • We can stop buy any product which is make with the whale oil and dolphin.

Canada Whitebark Pine

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by nyconnie in Tree

Hi everyone:

Every time when we think about the endangered species, the first in our maid might be the tiger, bear, and the dolphin. However, there are other specie needs us to save such as the tree.

The whitebark pine is endangered which need us to help it to sign on the endangered specie list to get more group to take care of it. The whitebark pine already wait for 13 months to sign up for an endangered species. If we can sign as a member to help it pass through on the endangered species fast, the people can star doing growing plan early to save the white bark.  To save the three, it can save our living environment t which also help other endangered animal too.

The following is the article by the Popinchalk

Posted by Michelle Zadeh at Wednesday, June 30, 2010 11:21:00 AM EDT

Last Edited:Wednesday, June 30, 2010 11:22:36 AM EDT
endangered sea turtles alive

Image: Sea turtle covered in oil


It seems like as we hear more news concerning BP’s oil spill, things are just getting worse over time.The Animal Welfare Institute and other animal protection and conservation organizations have filed suit in federal court  against BP for burning critically endangered sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico, in violation of the Endangered Species Act and other federal laws. This disaster seemed like it couldn’t get any worse but it has and it does not seem to be coming to a stop. According to PR Newswire, BP’s efforts to contain the massive oil spill, BP is using “controlled burns” whereby oil is corralled by fire resistant booms dragged through the water by shrimp boats and then lit on fire. Endangered sea turtles, including the Kemp’s ridley, one of the rarest sea turtles on Earth, are caught in the gathered oil and  are unable to escape when the oil is set ablaze.

“It is horrifying that these innocent creatures whose habitat has already been devastated by the oil spill are now being burned alive,” said AWI President, Cathy Liss. “They are critically endangered and must be protected.”

In this suit plaintiffs have asked the court to prevent BP from continuing to engage in burning activities in the Gulf of Mexico which kill or injure endangered sea turtles. They also filed a Temporary Restraining Order seeking an immediate halt to the burning until mechanisms are implemented that will prevent any additional sea turtles from being burned alive.

This video is of a boat captain in Louisiana who rescues sea turtles explaining how BP are burning these turtles and how won’t allow him to save the turtles before they are set on fire. –>

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Posted by Michelle Zadeh at Tuesday, June 8, 2010 8:51:21 PM EDT

This is a picture I found on In the article Caught in the oil shows several images of seabirds and brown pelicans that are drenched in oil like this seabird seen in the picture above. It’s really heartbreaking to see helpless animals dying from a substance that should have been contained. When I saw this picture the first thing that came to my mind was where are the people? Why is no one helping this animal? Can we just sit back and watch these images and not do anything about it? This spill started over a month ago and has still not come to a stop and what’s amazing is that I couldn’t find any information on BP directly helping the animals they just state that “the company will pay for all damages from the oil spill”. In my opinion this company needs to be banned from the US. On yahoo green I found a great site which lists ways you can help by volunteering or donating.

I also found a very informative but yet disturbing video about the animals on the coast. When reading and seeing more of the effects of the spill it not only upsets you but makes you very angry that this has been ongoing for more than a month. I would love to see a picture of BP’s CEO Tony Hayward helping to clean the animals. Please comment and tell me how you feel.

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  • Adam Mayerhoff said…

    Delete this commentWednesday, June 9, 2010 1:42:46 AM EDT

    It’s horrifying. Here’s my thought process: First of all, not everyone can help every animal all the time. Some will inevitably slip through the cracks no matter how much help there is. That could be why this particular animal isn’t being helped. Then I retracted that thought for one specific reason: someone is taking a picture. Instead of helping the animal, this person is photographing it. The photographer may feel that by spreading the word (via an image), more people will feel the need to help out. Is that a valid justification for taking a snapshot instead of helping? what do you think?

  • Maxime Gouttebroze said…

    Delete this commentWednesday, June 9, 2010 9:06:47 AM EDT

    Thanks for sharing that site. I have some friends down there volunteering and I’m thinking about going after the class is over to help.

  • Hsiao-Yun Huang said…

    Delete this commentWednesday, June 9, 2010 12:57:36 PM EDT

    yes, this picture really make me feel sad, people really have to stop make the pollution. Does any group or goverment can help to solve this problem?

  • Laura Sabatie said…

    Delete this commentWednesday, June 9, 2010 1:07:46 PM EDT

    It is the journalists job to capture the story and get it out there. This IS how they are helping. Just think of all the memories of war you might have. I would guess they are pictures, film, or words that a journalist expressed about it, and not your own personal insights. They are our connection to an issue or thing we can’t experience ourselves. The idea is to spur people into action. By producing awareness, they are effecting change.

  • Laura Sabatie said…

    NewDelete this commentSaturday, June 12, 2010 2:50:15 PM EDT

    The BBC had some footage this week of pelicans being washed off at at sanctuary in Louisiana.


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Monday, June 7, 2010

Posted by Michelle Zadeh at Monday, June 7, 2010 12:52:15 AM EDT

I have read several articles and blogs about the effects of the tragic oil spill in the Gulf Coast caused by BP. It’s heartbreaking to see pictures of innocent and helpless animals covered in oil. Although BP has regulated and made sure that pictures of dead animals do not leak to the public, a contractor that works for BP made it clear that animals are indeed losing their life due to the massive oil spill and BP is trying their best to hide it. He stated “There is a lot of coverup for BP. They specifically informed us that they don’t want these pictures of the dead animals. They know the ocean will wipe away most of the evidence. It’s important to me that people know the truth about what’s going on here,” the contractor said. There is no doubt that BP’s image has been seriously damaged but they are making worse by not being honest about the severity of the situation . The oil spill has threatened the existence of endangered species such as sawfish, Louisiana’s brown pelican , coral reefs, sperm whale, gulf sturgeon, manatee and five kinds of sea turtles. BP contractor states “When we found this dolphin it was filled with oil. Oil was just pouring out of it. It was the saddest darn thing to look at.” BP has explained that they are moving as quickly as possible to end the oil spill but it seems like they aren’t moving fast enough. As more oil keeps spilling more and more animals are dying. To make matters worse instead of people being concerned with saving the lives of these animals, they are looking to see how much money they can make out of this situation. The

Southern Environmental Law Center and Defenders of Wildlife gave notice of their intent to file suit against BP “for the unauthorized take of endangered species caused by the continuing oil spill and use of dispersants.” What I can’t seem to understand is how will money help the situation? Will money replace an extinct animal? In my opinion this tragedy should be a clear example of why offshore oil drilling should be banned. This has been the worst oil spill in history and our government should now have a very good understanding of the risks and potential effects involved with offshore oil drilling therefore they should regulate drilling laws for energy and oil companies.

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  • Maxime Gouttebroze said…

    NewDelete this commentMonday, June 7, 2010 10:20:20 AM EDT

    I can’t believe BP is doing that. So far they were handling the situation so much better than Exxon was. Oh well, one more company I have to boycott when I get gas. Soon I won’t be able to drive my car anywhere.

  • Hsiao-Yun Huang said…

    NewDelete this commentMonday, June 7, 2010 1:45:46 PM EDT

    to take care the world is everyone’s responsbilty. how to using the “green” power is the important thing that everyone have to learn and create.

  • Michelle Zadeh said…

    NewDelete this commentMonday, June 7, 2010 2:32:46 PM EDT

    Maxime I completeley agree with you that BP is doing a better job than Exxon but I feel that their image has already been destroyed because the oil spill is not coming to an end. Hsiao I agree with you to care of the world is everyones responsibilty but it’s mainly BP’s responsibilty in this case.

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Posted by Michelle Zadeh at Wednesday, June 23, 2010 11:29:07 AM EDT
Last Edited:Wednesday, June 23, 2010 11:32:21 AM EDT

Is washing animals covered in BP’s oil effective?

In my last blog I discussed the effectiveness of washing the animals that has been covered in BP’s oil. Just to give a quick recap based on the information I found in my last blog the survival rate for animals after being cleaned was extremely low. So I wanted to do a little more research about this issue.

In an article I found on, Brian Sharp an ornithologist (studies birds) from Oregon believes many of the cleaned birds will simply not survive after being released back to the wild. That’s because in the wake of the Exxon Valdez accident, he looked at several species of seabirds affected by oil to see how long they lived after being washed and banded with ID tags. Based on tags that were later found, Sharp says the majority of rehabilitated birds didn’t last long after being released just days, or weeks.

“Just so that they don’t deceive themselves and the public that they’re really having great, grand results and saving lots and lots, a high proportion of the birds,” Sharp says. “Because it’s just the opposite.”

In the same article I found that Michael Fry a toxicologist (studies adverse effects of chemicals on living organisms) who works at the American Bird Conservancy feels very differently than Sharp. He says that studies done years ago may not reflect the success rates that rescuers could have today because modern rehabilitation techniques cause birds less stress, and birds are carefully monitored to make sure they are ready to be released.

“The success at rehabilitation goes all over the map, from like 3 percent of the birds that are brought in, to over 90 percent of the birds that are brought in,” Fry says

After doing research further into this issue it seems that there is no conclusive answer to the success rate of the animals that are trying to be rescued. Professionals who study animals and the effects of toxins have very conflicting opinions. I believe that Fry made a very good point by stating that the techniques they use today are much different than the techniques used when the Exxon spill happened since that occurred in 1989. I really hope that efforts to try and save these animals are indeed helpful as Fry states.

This site shows you the count of animals that have perished due to the spill –>

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Posted by Michelle Zadeh at Wednesday, June 16, 2010 11:17:02 AM EDT

The Associated Press released this statement on Monday, June 14 : President Barack Obama promised that “things are going to return to normal” along the stricken Gulf Coast and the region’s fouled waters will be in even better shape than before the catastrophic BP oil spill. He is claiming and advocating that Gulf seafood is safe to eat and that his administration will be redoubling inspections and monitoring to make sure it stays that way. While he was by the coast for the his two day trip he noted he had some seafood for lunch including mini crab cakes, fried shrimp and shrimp salad sandwiches and found it “delicious.” I am not sure how I feel about this because on one hand I don’t think promoting or marketing seafood at this time should be the number one priority here but on the other hand local businesses are going to suffer greatly from people who are frightened by seafood from the Coast. However the White House stated that they have come to agreement with BP to set up an independent, multibillion-dollar compensation fund for people and businesses suffering from the spill’s effects.

Even though President Obama stated that the seafood was safe a council representing commercial and recreational fishermen met with federal officials from the National Marine Fisheries Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and they complained the government has not taken enough samples of seafood.

Obama states “I am confident that we’re going to be able to leave the Gulf Coast in better shape than it was before.” Although this sounds positive and promising, I have a very hard time believing it due to the fact of how this spill has been handled to this point.

In this link you will see a video of Obama’s trip to the Coast and in this video he is seen eating local seafood.