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10 Things That Are Better As Your Kids Grow Up

I remember the first few months after I gave birth were the hardest part of motherhood. The overwhelming responsibility,; that this little creature’s life depends on me and the fact that I had barely slept for the past 48 hours was about to drive me crazy.


When you’re a first-time mom who is struggling with her newborn, just hang in there. Just like the experienced moms say, “It will get better”. It sure did get better for me. Now that my kid is older, I feel that I have totally aced motherhood.


We’ve asked around some moms and below are the things that made better for them as their kids grow up:

They Become Independent

When you’re a mom, time has become a luxury. You can’t even find peace in your 2-minute bathroom break as you can hear your little ones screaming your name and demanding that you find their toys or tie their shoes.

When kids are older, they learn how to do things on their own. It’s a relief when you don’t have to comb their hair, button their clothes or make them a sandwich. You can finally stay inside the bathroom as long as you want.

They Could Handle Bathroom Activities On Their Own

You can finally hear angels singing when your kids already know how to go potty, take a bath or brush their teeth on their own. When kids do these things on their own, you can suddenly find free time for yourself. While they are in the bathroom, you can have all the luxury to checkout home furniture online or simply take a quick nap.

When You’re Done with Bottles and Diapers

Diapers? Check! Wipes? Check! Bottles? Check! These are the things that moms should not leave their house without if they have a baby in tow. Even if they’re just going to the mall, it feels like they’re going on a 5-day vacation trip with the amount of things that they have to pack in their bags.


When kids are already potty-trained and have solid food as their primary source of nutrients, you became free of diapers and bottles at last. You can just bring with you a small bag when you go out because you don’t have to carry that much stuff anymore.

When They Go to School

Having to stay the whole day with your kid can sometimes take a toll on you. It requires meticulous strategy and extensive skills to take care of a child, do household chores, and run errands at the same time. However, when your kids start to go to school, you feel that you’re somehow gaining your life back. You will have lots of time for yourself while they are at school. Finally, you can catch up on your favorite TV series or meet old friends that you haven’t seen in ages.

When They Start to Have Their Own Set of Friends

It’s party time when your kids have gained social independency and start to have his own set of friends. When their world does not solely revolve around you anymore, you can start to visit your world which you may seem to have forgotten.

When They Learn How to do Their Share of Household Chores

Teaching your kids some household chores is one way of teaching them to be responsible and competent. Aside from these great values that they learn, it’s also a smart idea to lift some household chores off your hands. Things are definitely easier when someone is helping you in taking out the trash, watering the plants, making their bed, walking out the doc, etc.

When They Learn How to Play Sports

When your kid starts to join a team and get busy with practices, you don’t have to constantly think of activities to keep them busy at home. Aside from occupying their time, playing with a team makes them a better person.

Vacation Trips Are Easier

Gone are the days where your road trips are filled with screaming toddlers. It’s also easier to pick a destination when your kids are older. All-inclusive vacation destinations are great choices since they offer many activities and services that your kids will certainly enjoy.

You Can Spend More Time With Your Partner

Most partners put romance in the backseat when they have babies. Date nights and get-aways have become scarce or non-existent at all. When your kids are already older, you and your partner will have more time just for yourselves and ignite the passion back.

You Don’t Have to Sugarcoat Everything Anymore

When your kids have gained understanding of the world, it’s easier to tell them what’s going on. You don’t have to fumble for the right words or sugarcoat things anymore.

Children are the ultimate joys of our lives. They make our lives indescribably happier and undoubtedly complete. Parenting offers many challenges and difficulties, however it gets easier over the years. Keep this in mind as you’re raising your children, and know that it’s normal for things to be hard in the beginning. In no time, you’ll be parenting like a pro.

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