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Sumatran Tigers?

Sumatran-Tiger-HeroSumatran Tigers is a rare kind of tiger that are in Indonesia. Gorgeous arent they? But beautiful things usually do not last long. The conversation status of Sumatran Tiger now is CR, which also means critically endangered. Today there are only about 400 of Sumatran Tigers left.

So what can we do? First of all, we could follow the Smithsonian’s National Zoo social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They have launch a campaign to increase awareness about these 400 Sumatran Tiger and hope that we could help to spread the word out. Below there is a video about their campaign.

The problem on animal being endangered is getting more serious nowadays. Even though there are many organization that are made to protect these animal, it is not enough. We should start to educate our children on issues as such, only the younger generation can help us to save these animals. On May first Amerikids will launch our alpha version of Saving Panda game where it will educate young children about endangered animal. For this version of the game we will only be focusing on Pandas.

For more information on the release and progress of the game follow us on Twitter.


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